AYIC Goes To Hindu University Of Indonesia

24 September 2023
Humas UNHI
AYIC Goes To Hindu University Of Indonesia

Proudly present, we welcome the arrival of the ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp (AYIC) at the Indonesian Hindu University (UNHI). This activity aims to promote cross-religious and multicultural tolerance through international dialogue in the ASEAN region. This event carries the theme "Strengthening Interfaith Outreach and Partnership through Digital Platforms". In this event, the younger generation is asked to learn religious tolerance and diversity, Indonesian culture. UNHI was chosen as a place to visit because our campus is based on culture and religion with the tagline "Unity and Diversity". Thank you to the representatives of all ASEAN countries who were present and expressed the important meaning of tolerance in one country. This event was attended by UNHI's Structural Officials, such as Vice Chancellor 1, Vice Chancellor 3, as well as leadership at the Faculty level who also attended this important meeting. This program was initiated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia and there was a tree planting event in the UNHI campus area as a form of caring for the environment.


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