UNHI Denpasar Opens KKN 2023

21 September 2023
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UNHI Denpasar Opens KKN 2023

Indonesian Hindu University (UNHI) Denpasar has again opened a Community Service Program (KKN) this year, with a focus on the coast of Bali. This KKN activity, which will be carried out from August to September 2023, aims to help coastal communities and enable students to carry out real work programs and overcome technical problems faced by the community.

This KKN activity involved UNHI students spread across 6 districts/cities, 10 sub-districts and 27 traditional villages. Monitoring and evaluation of the program will be carried out by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) team and supervisors. This evaluation will also involve input from the community targeted by the program, as a benchmark for the success of the activity.

Chair of the UNHI KKN Committee, Komang Agus Triadi Kiswara, M.Pd stated that this KKN activity was part of an effort to facilitate coastal communities in overcoming the problems they face. "Our students will become facilitators and educators in helping overcome these challenges," said Agus after the opening of the KKN at the UNHI Denpasar campus, Tuesday (8/8).

In the opening ceremony, Deputy Chancellor III UNHI, Dr. Drs. I Putu Bachelor, M.Si, marked the start of this year's KKN activities to the participants. He explained that the choice of the Bali coast as a KKN destination was based on the vision and mission of the Governor of Bali in advancing the region.

"We hope that students can help coastal residents in overcoming problems and developing their potential," hoped Bachelor.

As Chairman of the Management of the Widya Kerthi Education Foundation, namely the Legal Entity that organizes the Indonesian Hindu University, Dr. Drs. Dewa Ketut Budiana, M.Fil supports UNHI programs. He stated that university participation in facilitating the community was an obligation. "We hope that this KKN program can have a positive impact on coastal communities and increase student involvement in community empowerment," said Budiana.

Head of LPPM UNHI, Dr. Made Novia Indriani, ST., MT added that the KKN program is a form of implementation of community service activities. The benefits obtained are not only for society, but also for students and universities.

"Student involvement in solving community problems in the field is an important step towards productive collaboration," he concluded. It is hoped that this KKN program will make a significant contribution to empowering coastal communities and increasing student involvement in solving real problems in the field

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