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The Ayurveda Health Faculty organized by the Indonesian Hindu University was established in 2008, by Decree of the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia No. 56 of 2008, dated 2 June 2008 concerning approval for the opening of the Ayurveda Health Undergraduate (S1) Program.

Following up on the decision letter, the Chancellor of the Indonesian Hindu University, Denpasar, issued a decision letter No. : 404/SKP/UNHI/X/2008 Concerning officials at the Health Faculty of the Indonesian Hindu University Denpasar, dated 13 October 2008. The Ayurveda Health Faculty carries out the mandate of Hindus (through Parisada) so that Hindus have professional staff on Hindu Health (Ayurweda).

Until now, the Directorate General of Hindu Community Guidance has extended the license to administer the Ayurveda Health Undergraduate Study Program, with Number: 59 of 2016.



Vision of the Faculty

To become a superior Health Faculty and a center for Hindu-based health science studies

Mission of the Faculty

  1. Organizing Hindu-based health education.
  2. Develop and disseminate competency-based health professionals and Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  3. Examining health sciences based on Hindu religious literature in Indonesia.

Goals of the Faculty

In accordance with the vision and mission of the Faculty of Health and the Ayurveda Health Study Program, there are several goals to be achieved in implementing higher education. In general, the aim of the education held is to produce health graduates, especially Ayurvedic health workers who understand and live up to Ayurvedic concepts and philosophy as planning staff, developing and managing activities to improve public health status through Ayurvedic knowledge. In more detail, the objectives of education at the Ayurveda Health Faculty are:

  1. Producing human resources capable of formulating ayurvedic health policies in dealing with a problem in the health sector.
  2. Producing scientific work on health and herbal medicine that is innovative and productive, based on local wisdom, Hindu religious values ​​and ICT.
  3. To produce graduates who are independent, superior, competitive, professional and have qualifications in the field of Ayurvedic health by improving the quality of education, research and community service based on National Accreditation Standards.

Target of the Faculty

  1. Increasing professional staff in the health sector
  2. Improving the competence of students and graduates
  3. Increasing the competence of lecturers and education staff
  4. Evaluating the academic curriculum

Organisation Structure

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