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The Faculty of Religious Education and Arts organized by the Indonesian Hindu University was established in 2008, with the Decree of the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia No. 562008, dated 2 June 2008 concerning approval for the opening of the Undergraduate (S1) Religious Education Program.

Following up on this decision letter, the Chancellor of the Indonesian Hindu University, Denpasar, issued a decision letter No. : 404/SKP/UNHI/X/2008 Regarding officials at the Faculty of Religious Education and Arts, Indonesian Hindu University Denpasar, dated 13 October 2008. The Faculty of Religious Education and Arts carries out the mandate of Hindus.



Vision of the Faculty

To become a leading university in Indonesia as well as the best center for the study and development of Indonesian Hindu religion and culture in the regional area

Mission of the Faculty

  1. Organizing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education which includes education, research and community service to produce teachers of Hindu religion and arts who are intelligent and competitive in scientific and professional development.
  2. Mission in the field of Education, implementing a quality education process, based on Hindu religion, culture and arts and science and technology.
  3. The mission of the research field is to develop thinking patterns in research and analyze Hindu values ​​and art
  4. Mission in the field of community service, carrying out community service by implementing religious and artistic education, to help the community and the entire academic community of the Faculty of Education have sensitivity to the environment.

Goals of the Faculty

To produce experts in the fields of Education, Religion and Arts, who master and appreciate the concepts and philosophy of Religious and Arts Education as planning, development and management of activities to increase the level of public understanding of Hinduism through knowledge of Religious and Arts Education. In more detail, the objectives of education at the Faculty of Religious Education and Arts are:

  1. The need for professional staff who have analytical skills in the scientific field, and are sensitive to development problems, especially in the fields of Religious Education and Arts.
  2. There is a need to improve the quality of personnel engaged in the field of Hindu Religious Education, especially in the field of research.
  3. Procurement of experts who are capable of researching the development of Hinduism.
  4. Procurement of expert staff who have the potential to preserve and develop Arts and Religious Education.

Target of the Faculty


Organisation Structure

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